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I’m delighted that I have an article to be published about the work at Woodrow First School (see below – November 23, 2015), in the summer 2017 edition of Primary Geography. I will be sending out new leaflets about the work I can offer to schools in the new year….. It would be great to have the chance to do this kind of work again.

Looking at the tiles and thinking back on the discussions we had about the importance of shelter – it is clear to me that reflection on core human “needs” (shelter, water, air, food – and care / love – call it what you will) – is absolutely vital in education. The children have so much empathy, interest and concern – for other people, and for wildlife. When that is combined with work that develops analysis & critical thinking (along the lines of Bloom’s Taxonomy – e.g. see for one interpretation) with the ability to react – and actually do something, then there is not only the development of knowledge and understanding, but also some empowerment as well. We can make a difference – and be part of the solution, not just part of the problem.

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