Over the past thirty years I have worked as an archaeologist, primary school teacher, play development officer, community development officer, environmental educator and between 2004 and 2013, as Learning for Sustainability Officer with Worcestershire County Council. I have spent most of my working life in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Belfast, before moving to Worcestershire in 2004.

I started experimenting with ceramics after leaving school and then during my Archaeology degree – and attended evening classes in Newcastle and Belfast over much of the following twenty years.

I have now successfully completed my MA in Design: Ceramics at the University of Bath-Spa. It has been an incredible, fascinating and productive two and a half years!

I am developing three strands to my future work:

  1. developing as an artist working primarily through clay, drawing and photography
  2. producing functional ceramics, with a focus on working with materials collected from places that have a connection with clay / ceramics as part of our material culture, are local – or that hold significance for me, and
  3. continuing to work within the bounds of learning for sustainability – drawing on my arts and science background to help me develop site-specific programmes with schools and communities, that respond to the opportunities (and challenges) offered by their location.

Rupert Brakspear 2017

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