Special screening of Isaac Button Country Potter

We are showing the beautiful, evocative film Isaac Button Country Potter at a special film night at Dean Clough, Halifax on Wednesday 23rd November 2016 – starting at 7.30 PM (gathering around 7 PM)….. Filmed between 1964 and 1965 by John Anderson and Robert Fournier, we will be showing the full film in best digital format, on loan from the Yorkshire Film Archive. It should be a great evening, with John Hudson a potter from Mirfield (with huge knowledge and experience of the local ceramic traditions in the area – and beyond), coming along to say a few words and a chance for those gathered to share their own stories / connections. We have invited artists, potters, farmers, teachers / headteachers, lecturers, bakers, archaeologists….. hoping they will come along to explore the links between them all on the night.

RSVP please to let us know how many might be coming along – rbrakspear@phonecoop.coop

Button brick (from Soil Hill) with details of film night……

Next steps

I’m just preparing to get started with new work. It’s an interesting time, because I want to develop two strands; one focused on my investigations of place linked to landscape / environment and the way that clay and ceramics fit with the local economy (bakeries, dairying, brick / tile works, places to eat and drink… etc.). as well as at a domestic scale, with a second strand focusing on making functional forms – particularly those linked to making bread and serving food and drink.

The big challenge is sourcing material and processing it in any meaningful amount – hence the need to think about the two strands….. I’ll be heading out to talk to farmers and quarries again soon – but also I’ll be heading back to Stoke to talk with some of the clay manufactures to see what fits best with my commitment to source clay that is as local to me or to the project I am working on as possible.

Lost and Found show open at Dean Clough, Halifax….. and don’t miss the Isaac Button Film night!

Thanks to everyone who came along to Dean Clough in Halifax for the opening of the Autumn / Winter shows – including my show in the Link Gallery; Lost and Found (which now runs through to January 22nd 2017). It was great to see many of the people who helped me with the project; Mick – who let me dig his clay, Aaron and Victoria – who let me photograph their favourite baking bowl, John – whose knowledge for ceramics / pots and their uses over time with a connection to food is an inspiration……. It was great to have family and friends there (thanks for making the journey you all). I am also very grateful to Vic Allen at Dean Clough for giving me the opportunity at DC and to the Yorkshire Film Archive (YFA) for agreeing to lease me the wonderful Isaac Button photographs taken by John Anderson in 1964…..

And on this…. We are hosting a film night on Wednesday 23rd November (7.30 pm) to show Isaac Button Country Potter by John Anderson and Robert Fournier (1965), which we have also leased from the YFA – who have been incredibly helpful and supportive to this end. If you would like to come along – do let us know.