Film Night Success

The Isaac Button Country Potter film night proved to be a wonderful evening. Over 110 people came along, many bringing pots and stories, memories….connections. It was a real testimony to the man and his craft, graft and personality. Tales of collecting pots via tram and wheelbarrow, a specially made “button pot” where a slot allowed the purchaser to pop in a button to an otherwise sealed Button jar, the unbelievable challenges faced by those trying to save Soil Hill Pottery for posterity, the pots Isaac made for a young student to decorate for a project towards his Fine Art degree…. John Hudson gave a fascinating and inspiring talk at the end of the film – giving the perfect background and local perspective to the film and setting things in context. Given that the film is without sound-track – for those new to it – this was invaluable. And poetry too from Graham Mort. Thanks to everyone who came from far and wide.

Sadly – on an earlier walk up on Soil Hill – I saw that the kiln, was still standing when I visited last in 2015 (albeit with partial roof collapse) is now flattened. So much for “listed” status!


Bones under winds’ keening,

The drenched burial place

Over-cried by curlews.


Soil Hill

An atrocity of moorland,

Roof sagging, kiln crumbling,

Carcase that gales fast on.


This cider jar

Still brimming with darkness

From his touch.


From, A Halifax Cider Jar

by Graham Mort

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