Letter key for Palimpsest – Soil Hill, photograph in MA show:

A:     Ovendon Moor – Rough Rock Sandstone (Carboniferous era, c. 313 to 314 million years BP) covered by peat deposits (formed since last ice-age) and heather moorland

B:     Original Penine Lower Coal Measures Formation mudstone (Carboniferous era, c. 312-313) and Middle Band Sandstone (Carboniferous era, c.312-313 million years BP) layers much of which was removed by clay extraction, now “landscaped” and covered with surface soil and unimproved grassland

C:     Hebble Brook, stream cut valley (post-glacial) with semi-natural ancient woodland above Ogden Reservoir

D:     Possible route of Roman road through Causeway Foot. This road from Halifax to Denholm, now the A629, passes through Causeway Foot and is recorded on earliest OS map of 1851. The Roman Road M720a running from Ilkley to Manchester crosses this road just north of Ogden (it is not marked on the current OS map but is clearly marked on the 1st Edition OS map from 1847-9).

E:      Penine Lower Coal Measures Formation mudstone (Carboniferous era, c. 312-313 million years BP) covered by surface soil, and the pattern of enclosed fields and improved grassland established in the early 19th Century

F:     Curving linear feature – perhaps demarking the Parish boundary which follows this line on the 1847-9 OS map, or part of the more recent landscaping work. Originally interpreted as a leet carrying water to the pottery

G:     Domestic and industrial developments (19th Century) along Coal Lane adjacent to Soil Hill Pottery works (originally Swilling End Pottery – now in conversion to residential. Soil Hill is referred to as Swilling Hill on the early edition OS maps.

H:     Coniferous plantation at Mount Pleasant (20th Century)

I:       Telegraph poles (Mid 20th Century)

J:      Wind farm (21st Century) above deciduous broadleaf woodland running alongside south bank of Ogden Clough down to Ogden Water. The wind farm in this picture has been removed (2016) and a new wind farm of a smaller number of much larger windmills / turbines is being erected (October 2016)

K:     Landfill site – now closed (21st Century).

Note: BP is Before Present.

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