Warwickshire clays and chun glaze…

As part of the Making Histories project / exhibition at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum, I have collected clays from various parts of Warwickshire, both for use clay bodies for throwing (forms inspired by Roman Mortaria), and for glaze making. By good fortune – the Mercian Mudstone clays I was given permission to dig up near Mancetter in North Warwickshire created a beautiful blue / grey creamy chun glaze at earthenware temperatures – when combined with calcium borate frit (following a classic Emmanuel Cooper glaze recipe – 35% clay with 65% CBF… I did try other percentages – but this one works best!).

Mortarium inspired bowl (30 cm diameter) of Newbould Comyn clay with Mancetter chun glaze
Small 12 cm bowl of Newbould Comyn Clay with Mancetter chun glaze

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