Up on Clee Hill again:

A fortnight or so ago now, the inspirational Alf Jenkins took me to meet the wonderful Neil and Karen, who farm over on the far north-west side of Clee Hill from Clee Hill village. Neil’s grand-father made bricks from clay on their farm and the beautiful Victorian era brick kiln, lovingly restored, still stands and is a wonder to behold – the last of its type in the West Midlands. Neil showed me some steens (pancheons) that he has – one stored inside the kiln, with it’s eye on the sky above – letting in shafts of morning light, and a couple in the basement of his farmhouse amongst the cider jars. These are steeper sided than Mr Button’s or the Buckley pancheon that I have – perhaps more for cream settling than baking? Neil very kindly gave me a bucket of his farm clay and we went to a ditch in a neighbouring field to collect some clay where recent digger excavations had exposed some beautiful blue material. I took both away and am in the process of firing these and glazing the results as a further project linked to this unique and evocative place (see upcoming post).

Version 2IMG_3991IMG_0898


2 thoughts on “Up on Clee Hill again:

    1. Ahhhhh – so that is you Tim!!! Thanks for looking…. Glad you liked it. It really is a beautiful building. The blue “chun” glaze is just an amazing optical illusion created by tiny air bubbles in the glaze, which refract light and give the blue effect. There is no blue pigment like cobalt there at all….. R

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