Exploring Clee Hill

A friend and colleague recently told me about the clay in her parents garden up on Clee Hill that she used to make stuff out of when she was a child. This morning I went up there and met the wonderful Howard and Pat (her parents), who let me dig some of their clay. I only had a little time, so the clay I dug was near the surface, very pale grey – with quite a bit of charcoal and organic material (roots etc.) and with ochres and small lumps of iron oxide running through it. I’m going to prepare it properly this time, (drying it, breaking it up, slaking it, sieving it etc. before re-drying as a biscuit for future use). I also spied the quarry workings – the hill has been worked for basalt, fireclay, coal and limestone over the centuries… and I’m wondering whether I should go back there to see if I can collect some quarry dust  for future glaze experimentation too….


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