Visit to Akiko Hirai’s workshop:

I missed Akiko Hirai‘s Open Studio event over the weekend of the 1st December, but Akiko kindly agreed that it would be OK for me to visit her studio at The Chocolate Factory,  Stoke Newington, London on the following Wednesday. I am finding that visits to makers like this utterly invaluable as I reconnect myself to the world of ceramics. We discussed her approaches and techniques and I was particularly interested in the way that she uses a variety of techniques to bring the effects of wood-firing through her gas kiln. It is inspiring to visit a maker in their workshop space; to see the creativity possible from a small, confined but perfectly conceived space. Wheel, kiln, work-surfaces and shelving take up most of the space – with her wheel covered as a display table for the Open Studio event.

Photograph – RB courtesy AK

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