Expanding the clay and glaze material collecting and hand processing….

A few photos of my hand blunging clay from near my sister’s house in Wales….. The clay slakes really well and mixes by hand with virtually no obvious organic material or stones. I sieve it through a kitchen sieve and then dry it naturally on wooden boards in the sun and wind on blowy days….

Here also is a picture to show the sieving of the dhustone (olivine basalt)  I collect from Clee Hill. I soak the “dust” and then sieve through a kitchen sieve and then brush it through a 100 mesh sieve – collecting the residue in both the 100 sieve (for grog) and the fine material that goes through it – which I dry for use in glazes. I was given the tip on using dolerite as a grog by the very kind and helpful people at Valentine’s clays.