School Work

I am a fully qualified Primary School Teacher, who has been working in education for over twenty five years. I have experience of:

– classroom teaching (in Newcastle Upon Tyne, London, Belfast and Worcestershire)
– designing and delivering training programmes for schools, community groups and NGOs
– designing and delivering a wide ranging environmental education programme covering early years, primary and secondary education, FE and HE
– working with a diverse range of client groups to envisage and carry out innovative and creative projects, ensuring that these run to agreed timetables and within budget
– making presentations to audiences large and small
– coordinating and delivering support to staff teams and senior leadership around whole school / organisation approaches to Learning for Sustainability (including Eco Schools)
– partnership working, across different sectors (education, conservation and wildlife, energy management, local authority, NGO, businesses etc.)
– organising and chairing meetings
– fundraising and writing project bids and reports.

We live in a globalised world where one of the only constants is rapid change. How can we help prepare children & young people for this? Which experiences will inform us as we move forward? Through Far-Side Learning & Arts I offer:

– Dynamic, hands-on investigations for children, young people & adults (including teaching staff & leadership teams) engaging higher order thinking skills

– Innovative, site-specific programmes, tailor made to your school / group, drawing upon the local setting & environment, your contacts with the community & wider world & the themes that you want to explore

– Projects that are designed to develop a thematic approach, either as a one-off, distinct event or as a launch-pad for a class or year group, key-stage or even whole school project

– Opportunities for work both indoors & outside the classroom – making use of your school grounds or local area to help enhance learning

All of my work is developed to maximise links to your specific curriculum, with an emphasis on group work, discussion & individual follow up work, with links to English, Mathematics, Science, the humanities & the Arts.

Examples of my work with schools can be found on the web-site under School Projects


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