Cataloguing projects:

Each of my major projects has a book that I put together to capture the key relationships and connections encountered. These are published personally, and can be ordered with my ceramic pieces (i.e. giving the back story and context to that particular form), or separately – either in soft cover or hardback.

So far, the projects catalogued are:

  • Lost and Found (2015-6), cataloguing the exploration of Soil Hill north of Halifax, Isaac Button’s old workshop, my early associations with pancheons – and my conversations (and shared enthusiasm for sourcing locally) with the Handmade Bakery, Slaithwaite….
  • Clee Hill; clay, landscape and people (2015-17), designed to capture the beautiful, stark landscapes of the hill, its industrial archaeology and ecology, the clay, the links to local brick making, and baking – still at the centre of Cleehill village life….
  • Local (2017), with a series of photographs that describe the exploration of my local, Worcestershire clay and a new aspect of function, centred around the occasional consumption of a pint of beer and unique sense of community that can develop in a local pub.


2 thoughts on “Cataloguing projects:

    1. Hi Tatyanna, thanks so much for your message. It’s lovely to get that kind of feedback. The books were in a soft back, half A4 format, and I have one left back in the workshop in mint condition – I think for the Clee Hill work. I could post you that one?It’s the last one of the print run. I’m in London this week – but I’ll check it when I get home, and if you’re still interested – post it all the long way south next week? Thanks again – Rupert

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