Baking with pancheons:

The connection to function is vital in my work. It’s not just about an investigation of landscape and clay, but the associations that lead on from these elements to aspects of our material culture and function, that I feel need to be explored or highlighted. The form that started this line of inquiry was the pancheon, or steen, a large flaring bowl used for mixing and proving in baking, for washing, or for settling cream. Part of my work over the few past years has been to practice and record my weekly baking using bowls that I have made, inspired by this beautiful, traditional design.

Recent experimentation has included the making of, and baking with “crocks” which provide incredible “oven spring” to a loaf in the first 15 minutes of baking. My first baking crock is a bit small – there needs to be room for the loaf  to spring, and then to breath! I find that the loaf can be a bit overly “damp” – retaining a lot of moisture in the crumb, but is delicious nonetheless. More experimentation follows with slightly larger crocks over the next few months.



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