Disturbing the Surface – as part of Making Histories exhibition at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum. March 2020….. not yet open because of UK lockdown. Hopefully will open in the Autumn.

Place – as part of Herefordshire Art Week (h.Art): joint show at Ralph Court Gardens. August 2019

Open Studio: as part of Worcestershire Open Studios. 25th to 27th August, 2018

Open Studio: as part of Worcestershire Open Studios. 26th-28th August, 2017

Dish – An exhibition co-curated by Tom Kerridge and Lotte Inch: Lotte Inch Gallery, 10 Bootham, York. March – April 2017

Isaac Button Country Potter Film Night / Community Event: Dean Clough, Halifax. November 2016

As part of the Dean Clough show, I worked with Vic Allen (the Dean Clough Arts Coordinator) to arrange a special film night, using the ongoing show as an occasion to project the classic film Isaac Button Country Potter, by John Anderson and Robert Fournier (1965). Over 110 people came to this event, many bringing their pots and stories of the man himself….. The film was shown under licence from Yorkshire Film Archive.

Lost and Found: Public exhibition at Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax. October 2016-January 2017

This exhibition included a more diverse range of work from the MA project and included a range of John Anderson’s original 1964/5 photographs of Isaac Button – taken whilst filming Isaac Button Country Potter.  The photographs were shown under licence from Yorkshire Film Archive.

Lost and Found: MA Show at Sion Hill College of Art and Design, Bath Spa University. September 2017

This show took a highly edited collection from my final MA project; inspired by an exploration of Soil Hill, Calderdale, the remains of Isaac Button’s old workshop – and by the old pancheon bought in the Piece Hall, Halifax in 1987. The project involved landscape archaeology, photography, digging local clays (with permission), meeting incredible people with stories and connections to my work, ceramic testing and experimentation, work with local bakeries and drawing.

Stall at Bovey Tracey Contemporary Craft Festival, July 2017 (representing Bath Spa University)

Exhibiting work from my exploration of Clee Hill (Shropshire) and the testing and experimentation with the clays dug from this wild, open, much mutilated hill – the source of stone, coal and clay extraction over the centuries….

Creative Sparks collaborative project / show with Michie Lynne for opening of Commons Building, Newton Park Campus, Bath Spa University. June 2014

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